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Membership in a golf club is so much more than golf and facilities; it is camaraderie, laughter, and a safe haven in a troubled world. Membership is a feeling. The Membership Offering for Squirrel Run Golf Club includes refundability, gender friendly, family privileges and extended family privileges and documents that protect the rights of the members are only a few of the benefits. We share with you above a detailed list of benefits that make Squirrel Run an excellent value along with a great club.

Membership Options

  • Full Membership
  • Student Membership
  • Corporate Membership

Membership Details

Full Membership
$1680 per year

An individual and the individual's family are entitled to the use of all club facilities and to participate in all member activities. The member family may include husband and wife, and their children residing in the members' household, up to the age of twenty-one (21) years or to completion of their undergraduate college education, whichever is later, but in no event children over the age of twenty-three (23) years.


Student/Junior Membership
$600 per year

A student that 23 years of age or younger and is currently in school can qualify for a student membership. This membership is for green fees only and entitles you to participate in all member activities. You have the option of renting a cart if you have a valid driver's liscense. 


Corporate Membership
Prices available upon request

A corporation or firm is entitled to membership in the club and the right to designate four (4) individuals who are actively and primarily engaged in the business of the company for full membership privileges. The company assumes ultimate responsibility for all dues, fees or charges incurred by each designee and each designee's family and guests, The company may change the principals or employees designated to use the club facilities subject to membership committee approval. Upon payment of a transfer fee, one designee may be substituted for another. This substitution is limited to one time per year per designee. The corporation and each designee shall be assigned individual account numbers by the club.


Admissions Procedure

Application forms for membership are available in the office or the golf pro shop. Completed forms should be submitted to the club manager. Upon application for membership, the candidate authorized Squirrel Run Golf Club to contact any personal references given and to obtain any and all other information from any source deemed reasonably necessary to the approval of this application.



After the initial one year membership term has expired, a member may resign at any time from the club by giving thirty (30) days advance written notice of the effective resignation date to the club. The member must pay in full any and all dues, fees or other charges which the member and the member's family and guests have incurred. Upon confirmation in writing by the club that the member's account has been cleared and closed, the member shall no longer be subject to further dues, fees or charges of the club membership or use.